Transfer GSM Number To CDMA Phone

There are two common types of technologies used in cell phones; GSM and CDMA. Most of us do not understand how these two technologies work and what sets them apart from everyone else. What we do know is that we want a phone that is going to suit our needs. Sometimes that means we will transfer to a new provider that has the one that we want.

When we transfer phones and providers we will want to keep one thing intact, our current phone number. It is easier to keep the number that we have been using for years than to have to remember a brand new one. When you are going from a GSM to a CDMA phone than there is a way to make this happen.

Go to the new service provider and tell them that you want to keep your old phone number and would like them to perform a process known as ‘porting’. This will need to be done before you terminate your services with the old provider. Otherwise they will release your number into the system and give someone else the ability to use it.

In the more modern phones it might be as simple as switching out the SIM card from one phone to another. For others it might be more complicated. However, all you have to do is wait for them to complete it.

When they are done cancel your service through the GSM provider and pay whatever termination fees they are asking for. Make sure the cut off date is aligned for the date you plan on starting with your new provider.

Once you have started up the new service you will be able to choose the phone that you want. Try to donate your old phone or give it to someone who is willing to pay for it. You will not be able to use it with the new CDMA service provider.