Prepaid Companies That Offer CDMA Phone

It is not uncommon for people to want to use a CDMA phone over something that uses GSM technology. In order to get the phone that you want with the technology that you want than you need to go through a provider that offers them. It is possible to purchase one that is unlocked – but this is not the most reliable thing to have and can be twice as expensive.

The bad thing about working through most providers is that they require you to spend $100 to $200 and to sign a 1 to 2 year contract with them. If you are not happy with the service than you will have to pay close to $100 in order to get out. Also you will find that your monthly bill could be rather high.

If you are looking for something much simpler and easier to work with than look no further than a prepaid company. Luckily there are more and more CDMA phones that are being offered with these types of plans. Below are some of the most affordable and reliable companies that you could go through.

Boost Mobile

This company is fairly new and you can recognize them by their outlandish commercials. Despite the way in which they try to get people’s attention they are one of the best prepaid services on the market. This company, a subsidiary of Sprint, offers monthly unlimited plans for around $50. This includes texting, minutes, and other features. They offer many CDMA phones including the Sanyo Mirro, Incognito, and Kyocera.

Metro PCS

This is one of the lesser known services and they have only recently offered CDMA technology. They are affordable and will offer you a phone that you can actually enjoy and that does not belong in the stone age. One feature that makes them so appealing is that they will activate any handset that you have onto their network. Just make sure that other providers won’t lock you out again.