Improve Indoor Cell Phone Signal

Cell phones are important and it is something that each of us will use during an emergency or if we simply want to talk to a family member that lives out of state. However, there will be times when you will wish for the days of the landline phones that never dropped a call because you were in a bad part of the home. This is a common problem with cell phones – but with the right tools it can be fixed.

What you will need to get your hands on is a cell phone booster. Go to the web site,, and enter your zip code in the field where it says, ‘Find Service’. There you will need to find your cell phone provider and write down the system and technology information that has been listed. This will let you know what frequency you should be using when you program the cell phone booster.

The best place to find a booster is online. Enter in the cell phone provider’s name and type if ‘cell phone booster’. Make sure that you will find one that is compatible with your cell phone or it will not work. Use the information you collected earlier and the cell phone model to find the booster.

Follow the directions carefully when installing the external cell phone booster. This is used to amplify the signal so that it is a great deal stronger than the original signal strength than what it usually uses. The best place to install this booster is where you will get the best signal in your home. This is usually in the attic, on the roof, or next to a window.

Install the base unit at a horizontal level than the signal antenna so that you do not have to worry about interference and feedback. This should be at the best location where you spend the most time on your cell phone, like in the office.