Cell Phone Providers That Offer CDMA Phones

There are dozens of different types of phones on the market today. You will have the option to choose the old fashioned phone that does not flip open – but it also doesn’t have a camera and barely connects to the Internet. You have the option to have the flip style phone that will take the pictures and offer the coolest ring tones. If this is still not enough than you have the final choice to choose from the countess smart phones that are hitting the market at such a rapid pace.

It would seem that everyone (including children) own their own phone of some kind. That is why more and more are being built with the CDMA technology. This is one of the major channels in the country and around various parts of the world. If you want your phone to use this technology than it helps to know what provider is going to give it to you.


It used to be that AT&T and Sprint were the most popular providers in the market. However, over the past few years Verizon has managed to slip its way to the top virtually unseen and underestimated by its competitors. With 91.2 million customers they have become the largest cell phone network in the United States. This provider supports that three different CDMA technology including; the IS-95, 1x, and EV-DO.


Sprint isn’t totally out of the game quite yet. Over the years they have tried to make their plans more accommodating and less taxing on the consumers who tend to talk through all their minutes every month. They offer both new and refurbished CDMA phones that are commonly used by families and business men. They are also affiliated with Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile – prepaid companies that offer CDMA technology.

U.S. Cellular

This is actually one of the least well known service providers in the market only serving around 6.1 million consumers. It is only offered in 26 of the 50 states. They offer prepaid, individual, family, and data business plans. They might not always have the coolest phones to offer – but they are affordable for people looking for a plan that will not cost them $200 a month.