CDMA Cell Phones

The other day one of my friends Mike West was try to tell me about his new CDMA phone that he had purchased online. Which lead me to ask the question – What is a CDMA cell phone? A CDMA cell phone is a phone that receives its service from a Code Division Multiple Access network technologies provider. But what does that mean?

Let’s go into a little more detail. There are two types of network technologies that all cell phone service provider run off

of CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications).

A CDMA phone has a number hard coded to it – the cell phone itself. A GSM phone uses SIM card technology where the number is coded to the SIM card. For instance a person in many cases can take a SIM card from one phone and place it into another phone and now that phone will receive the calls from that number.

But here is the bottom line – In many cases you will not be given the choice between the two. Normally when you walk into a cell phone store like Alltel or Sprint to sign up for service the systems already only run off of one of those network technologies to deliver service to you.

There are many different types of the best CDMA phones out there for people to choose from when wanting to purchase a new cell phone, or switch over to a different carrier. Many people don’t know this, but the best CDMA phone has aHindi user interface which allows you to operate through the device in the Hindi language. Its a very useful application for the people of India, and the phone is mainly made for the Indian country.

Best CDMA Phones in India

The cdma cellular phones, like said above, were constructed mainly for the country of India, with the Hindi interface that allows the users over in India, operate the phone totally in the Hindi language. The best cdma phones in India are also designed in a way that it allows for easy portability, they only way about 80 grams,  and is very easy to carry around. The phone also looks very stylish, and sleek giving the impression of a nice, professional, advanced mobile.

CDMA Mobile Phones

Many people dont know off all the features, and abilities that the cdma mobile phones have. The feature of the user interface which allows people of India to operate the phone completely in Hindi, is also great for the elderly people  so that they can completely, and easily operate a phone, without the language barrier, most people have with english type phones in India.  The phone also has the ability to operate with LMS (Long Messaging Service), which allows the user to send text messages, and other applications over long distances.

Unlocked CDMA Phones

When people talk about the unlocked cdma phones they are talking about a cdma phone that has been “unlocked” so that the phone can operate on other cell phone carriers. Like for example when you unlock a best cdma phone it can operate, on a different network then it was originally on when you got the phone. Many people don’t know how to unlock the phones so that they can operate on other networks, and that’s why there is so much information dedicated to unlocking different cellular phones.